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Strep Throat Home Remedies Revealed

Did you know that strep throat remedies can be used to stop the pain the bacteria is causing you? Were you aware that these treatments you make from things that are normally found in your kitchen and home medicine chest are safe for you to use? These treatments are even safe for you to use on children and on people who are taking other medications as there will be no reactions or side effects caused from the mixing of these items and the current prescription drugs you are taking. The doctor will give you the necessary antibiotics to kill the nasty little bacteria that have infested your tissues, but it will be up to you to deal with the pain this bacterium create.

So the first thing that you should know is that honey can coat the tissue and soothe the feelings of rawness. You can even combine the wonderful effects of the honey with a nice warm liquid like a cup of tea for a truly soothing drink. Warm chicken broth is frequently used in this application, and as we all know chicken broth is Jewish penicillin. Jewish mothers and grandmothers prescribe homemade chicken soups and broths for all upper respiratory and nasal conditions.

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