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Streaming Media Video

Streaming is the process through which you get to see certain media files directly from the provider over the internet. The most popular file types being streamed are audio and video files. There are a lot of platforms which facilitate services like Streaming Media Video starting with the popular YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and Blinkx.

Users are usually allowed to find the video or audio of their choice and then start playing it. In most cases, a plugin called Java is needed to stream such videos – but it depends on your browser. There are some browsers which have integrated Java compatibility and Flash Player capabilities. These are the two most popular add-ons which are needed to correctly display online content over the internet.

Streamed videos differ in terms of quality and in terms of their bitrate. These two aspects go hand in hand and are completely processed through the end-user’s computer. Most popular streaming systems allow for adaptive bitrate video streaming – which means that you get to determine the bit rate and quality of the videos you watch, based on your computer’s capabilities.

Streaming media, especially videos allow for more comprehensive sharing opportunities between users and video producers, facilitating information circulation worldwide through the internet.

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