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StopTheHacker is a specialized package of malware, virus and hacker protection software designed for website protection. The software also assesses vulnerabilities the website might have, patches them, detects web malware and removes it without interfering with the website’s stability, monitors the site’s uptime and monitors reputation.

Given the fact that a website’s information is stored on a machine, it is vulnerable to all sorts of so-called infections which can damage it. If this happens, your website might stop working and if you’re not careful, you can start losing clients – especially if you’re running an online business.


This is it’s always important to keep your information and your website safe at all times. By using StopTheHacker, you’ll have permanent, real-time protection. Not only that, but you can check your website’s status right now for free, by asking for a free vulnerability assessment. There’s a small form you need to clear before accessing the free service, but you don’t have to worry about hidden payments which you’ll be charged with – the information is simply needed so that they can send over the report to you once they’re doing assessing your website.


Even if you don’t want the whole package, but want those vulnerabilities fixed, you can get a one-time service which will patch those vulnerabilities. While this may cost you less than the whole thing, you need to consider the fact that your website will still remain exposed to future attempts of infection.

The website offers extensive information for those interested in the product. They show you how it works; give out testimonials of clients who’ve implemented the protection bundle on their websites and how they consider it to be working. An attached blog allows users to be kept informed about new stuff related to website protection and updates about the product as well.


Their support system is very good, allowing everyone to get in contact with them and ask about anything pertaining to the product. They eagerly await feedback from their clients and strive to improve their product so that everybody gets the most out of it. This makes this particular piece of software option a great choice for both novices and professionals. And in today’s world, it’s a simple must-have in order to assure your customers that you’re running a safe and legitimate business. Be sure to check it out and convince yourself that this is the tool you need.

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