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Stand out from the crowd at an exhibition

Stand out from the crowd at an exhibition

Appearing at a trade show is an integral part of a company’s marketing activities, therefore designing attractive, unique and eye-catching stand is essential.  To create the best trade booth, it is important to pay attention to visual and physical aspects. Booth designs vary now from highly interactive technology driven designs and unique experiences for clients to enjoy. With only an average of a few seconds to engage a customer’s attention, it is imperative to maximise impact to ensure that a client spends as much time as possible on the stand.

Seven steps to stand success!

  • Make the most of space. Ensure the stand is large enough to create different zones for customers. Exhibition stands that have areas that customers can freely explore and interact with products and any games that you have running can create a positive atmosphere. These no hassle zones allow customers to form views of your product or service, form questions and your sales team can observe any buying signals projected by the customers therefore a more meaningful engaging and transaction can take place. What you should also do is identify the dimensions available at all trade shows you will attend all year, meaning there is no unprofessional behaviour, whilst putting the stand together in another location.
  • There should be a natural flow, as customers walk through your stand should stimulate them and lead them to make a purchase as they successfully interact with your brand. This is where consulting with a professional agency will serve you best. Contemporanea Eventi are such a company who can consult with you, understand what you are hoping to achieve at exhibition and they go and create the best, most unique experience for you, taking into account the sense of flow and movement on the stand.
  • Less is more. Do not overload your stands with too much information. Don’t overload the stands with promotional literature. Make sure what materials you have are informative, feature your brand and logos and communicate effectively.
  • Feature your brand strongly, include your logo and slogans in your display but also make sure your colours, your brand image is easily identifiable across the whole of your stand. This theme and logo and colour scheme should continue throughout the whole of your trade booth so it is easily identifiable.
  • Sustainability is important to businesses, try to incorporate as much green and recycled materials into your stand design and literature, it helps to promote a sustainability message which can encourage potential clients to consider you for their business. Green efforts can attract more environmentally responsible clients and those businesses that have difficult sustainably targets to achieve.
  • Lighting is so important; the lighting should be used to enhance and display your products and not distract from them. Pick a pallet of either warm or cool tones lighting and match it to your theme. Ensure the lighting is not too busy.
  • Social media and mobile technology interaction should be integral to the booth design. It is an efficient way to get customer details, adding them and following them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, having an interactive game that requires some social media participation is an easy way to obtain personal details. Encourage clients to like your stand to follow you can give instant feedback, which can trend and drive more business and allows you to develop an understanding of them.

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