Friday , 22 March 2019
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Sootech – Social Contact Cloud

I just found a mobile app, called Sootech developed by Here are it’s key features:

– connect easier: share your contacts with others. They get your full contact details without having to key in all the details. Just simply scan a QR Code or click a link. You can also get other people contact details Easily just by scanning their QR code or clicking their unique link. So in essence you can add people contact details easily (forget trying to spell those names) and clients/friends can add your info easier also.

– keep updated with your network: don’t lose business or friends with old numbers. get your network latest contact phone # or bbm updated automatically.

– Also Forget the hassle of smsing all your friends your new number. When you change your contact details, your friends are automatically notified and receive your new information. Benefit both ways!

– Protect/Back up your Contact automatically: Back up and access your contact information. So even if you break your phone, change phone or your phone got stolen your contact details will be just the way you had them . Simply install the app again and log in.

– Good to use if you want to switch phones as well…make it simple

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