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OK, raise your hand if you absolutely hate sending artwork files like large pdf files or heavy psd files with email for review or approval.  How about storing them, sharing them and finding them back again when you need them?  Thought so, because I hate it too, especially when I’m not at my main office computer and I need a file that’s there or I need a file that I made a few days or weeks ago and I can’t remember where I put it. It’s even worse when I have a file that a client needs urgently.

That’s why when I found FileCamp I was more than just pleasantly surprised I was practically ecstatic. Filecamp have a wide range of tools especially targeted creative businesses and have all the tools that I need to send and transfer my business files no matter how big or how small they are.

How about this one – Everything is web-based!  I don’t have to email large files anymore, because I can access them from anywhere.Even better, my clients can access them too.  Nice.  It’s completely replaced any FTP problems I used to have (and boy did I have a lot of them) and made my (and my clients) life a lot easier.

In fact with FileCamp I set up my own file sharing space, what they call a ‘portal’ that is branded with my company logo and it´s password protected so that my clients only have access to the files I want them to access.  My clients love it, its building my brand for me and the ease of use for me is off the charts.

Well, I´ll admit it. I´m a desígn and branding nerd and Filecamp even allows me to get my very own URL under my own company domain name, so that the Filecamp brand is hidden for the eyes of my clients.

I can even set up Filecamp sub-domains for my clients which are  branded with my clients logos and colors. They see their own logo in the topbar when they log in to see their files at my Filecamp account. Allmost all my clients are astonished by this feature. And hey … its understandable as most people like seing their own logo, right?

It also has a proofing and approval option that’s on the cloud too, so that I can collaborate with my clients and allow them to make comments and annotations on my artwork files online. This simple online proofing and approval workflow saves me, and my clients, many hours of work every day. And I don´t have to spend hours finding and sorting emails with comments and corrections.

Finally, compaired to what you get, Filecamp is quite affordable which, in my case, is a good thing because I’m just getting started with my own design studio.  Once we’ve moved past this start-up phase there’s room to grow with FileCamp but for now I’m content to keep it small and pay for only what I need.

So if you are working in a creative business and are dealing with large files on a regular basis and you hate emailing files back and fourth with corrections I highly recommend you give FileCamp a long, hard look.  I’m betting you’ll like what you see.

They have a free Trial so you can try it out yourself: http://www.filecamp.com

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