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So What is This Google + Then?

I got an early invite into Google+. Am I I a fortunate dude or not? So Graham is now on Google+

For those people on the web who have been living under a rock and haven’t been frustrated all week as you desperately attempt to convert a Google+ invitation into a back door entry, G+ is Google’s new Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn killer (Delete as acceptable)

So after a whole seven days of using it, rather intermittently I should say because I actually do have a job working on my biz which takes up a little bit of time, I assumed I might give you some thoughts.

1. Meh!
2. “Hangouts” are cool but as no-one I often engage with on Skype video calls managed to get in at first then I could not use them so notwithstanding them being cool, group video chats with nifty graphics, till the critical mass gets into G+ that will be a second meh!
3. Sparks. I really like the techno pop synth merchants from the 70s currently. Dumbed down RSS feeds for the amateur
4. Circles. A very good way of organizing your contacts and sharing things just with those who may have an interest in a particular topic. Ie I've a Spain circle for folk in Spain who might be interested in stuff about Spain. I have got a Spanish circle to share stuff in Spanish with the people I know in Spain who either are Spanish or understand Spanish. Think Twitter Lists and you sort of get the point but with the ability to share in one go instead of loads of tweets
5. In-going! Watch out here comes the spam. People can add you to circles. Let’s call this circle “Those who I am going to spam with blabber” and you get added to their circle and the posts shared there by the, as we shall now call him, “spammer”, go into your incoming tab. Avoid inbound like the plague
6. G+ If you talk about G+ inside G+ then your post will be spread like wildfire around G+. It is kind of the opposite of Fight Club!
7. Got an iOS device , ie iPhone or iPad, well forget sharing anything at once as it only likes Android currently. Expect that to modify quite soon though. If it does not it will fail spectacularly. You can use the internet browser version but glaringly photo sharing and stuff becomes much more difficult.
8. It’s a lot better than FB’s ground breaking announcement this week you can now use Skype to call one person using video from within FB. Well guess what I could already use Skype for regularly breaking up three-way calls previously so nothing new to see there.
9. +1. Suddenly becomes vital if G+ catches on, and it will.
10. Where will you share this post. That is when G+ becomes vital. Will it make you stop pressing the like button or the tweet button. Till last week the +1 button meant nothing. Now it does. If it becomes a major ranking factor inside Google expect a totally new industry of social SEO to spring up. Now that's a chance.

The Writer Graham Hunt can be discovered on Google + and his thoughts on life the Universe and everything can be discovered at Blokes on the Blog

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