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So I’ve Got An Online Business, Now What?

So I’ve got an Online Business…..Now What ?

I’m sure you have a child-like excitement going through you, as your new found site has just been launched online…and as you wait 1 day…1 week…1 month…you ask yourself, why is there no one coming to your website and then you find out that there are subjects like SEO to learn and master. You go ahead and spend another month trying to earn your “degree” by running your fingers through any book you can get on SEO. After that round of learning, you discover that there’s more to HTML you need to know!

My point is, the fire which started you up, will slowly be extinguished with each day that passes, when you see your site having no traffic or sales. You will soon realize that the actual driving force behind all the technical knowledge of marketing, SEO and HTML, is the passion or the want that lies within you.

“Are you building a TOMORROW or repeating yesterday?”

It is no secret that both results derive from the same process…and that it will help to have a character trait of what I call Personal Success Ritual (PSR) . They are the “soft skills” to obtain while you go on your journey of making infinite money online through affiliate programs or eBay!

PSR is the battery that drives you on when you are down…so do you have it? Some traits of people with strong PSR :

• Able to accept delayed gratification, as they know they are building a better tomorrow.

• Decides to do what needs to be done (no matter what).

• Learns to enjoy the journey (both success and failure).

• Always remove self imposed barriers, as they understand that these will get stronger, if it’s not eliminated.

There are many more traits of PSR, but it will take an article longer than this to cover them. My encouragement to all who is just starting on the route to an online success or even for veterans who are already in this trade…do continue to have a learning mind everyday and keep yourself updated not just on the know-how of internet businesses, but also on Personal Success Ritual that drives one to an ever successful journey of money making!”

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