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Small Business Outsourcing

Businesses across the world are outsourcing more and more. The major destinations are shifting all the time. While it used to be that it was just the blue collar jobs were outsourced, more and more white collar jobs are moving overseas. By 2015 more than 3 millions white collar jobs will move overseas. While many think of the big end of the town, the Fortune 500 companies, are the only people that are outsourcing, it is the medium sized businesses that will also account for a large percentage of the growth.

India was the leading outsourcing country for white collar jobs with an inital focus of information technology. The companies outsourced functions like software development and maintenance, and also BPO business process outsourcing. BPO includes core functions like accounting and finance, human resources, call centers and data entry and analysis. However India had some challenges.

The Philippines is one of the hottest and most highly rated location for outsourcing of white collar jobs. offers outsourcing to Philippines.

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