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When you have a web site, your aim becomes rather single-minded: obtain much more site visitors to it.

Simple Web Traffic Building Tips

When you have a web site, your aim becomes rather single-minded: obtain much more site visitors to it.

However if every person on the World wide web is doing the exact same thing, won’t your efforts get lost in the mix? Not automatically. There are some tried and true ways you can boost targeted traffic to your website, many of which you’ve likely heard of. That’s because, this isn’t rocket science, and these methods are tried and true. Why aren’t you using them then? If you’re not, it could be because you’ve tried everything under the sun and didn’t get immediate results so cast that method aside.

That was your mistake. Every method of driving traffic to your website that everyone talks about does work, but it doesn’t necessarily work immediately. In other words, one article posted to an e-zine is not going to make traffic to your website jump exponentially. But 100 articles? 200? 300? Now, we’re talking.

In the event that you really are serious about making your Internet-based business a huge hit, you must continue to follow these tips until you see results:

—Submit articles. Yes, you know, you know. But it’s more than clogging the system with articles; they have to also be worth reading. No one is going to click on your link if the material they read is not informative. Sure, having an article with your link might help your SEO, but getting a real person clicking onto your site because you wrote a brilliant article is so much better. The number one thing you absolutely must not do is try to sell a product through an article. Your article is supposed to be informative, not a sales pitch. And if you can’t write, hire someone reputable who can.

—Surf the web. This is something you know you’re good at. Visit websites, blogs, chat rooms, social networking sites, etc., and chat away. Don’t be blatant about trying to sell your merchandise, but once in a while you can say that you’ve posted an interesting article on your blog that someone else might be interested in. Do this every day and eventually, you’ll start seeing more hits to your website.

—Link it up. Trade links with other related websites. You’re helping yourself and somebody else, so most people are more than willing to trade links. The more closely related the other link is to you, the better.

—Give stuff away. People just love free stuff, even stuff they don’t even know they want. When you give away CDs or newsletters or e-books, people are more likely to visit your site and check it out. Create a contest and give away something small to someone who comments on your blog. You’d be surprised how many people will comment just to get something for free.

The biggest tip of all? Be patient. Practically nothing works right away. But if you maintain up your efforts, you will see an increase in traffic.

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