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Signs Of A Bad Lawyer That Raises The Red Flag

Signs Of A Bad Lawyer That Raises The Red Flag

If you are in a situation where you in dire need os a lawyer, dont just jump into your instincts. There are bad lawyers and of course you have to be very careful in choosing. Dont just pick someone in the yellow pages or that you see from the Internet. Deciding on whom to hire is like deciding on whether you still want your freedom, family, right and property. Lawyers are learned persons but what you exactly need is someone who has the insight. An attorney will do everything to protect your vested rights no matter what. So, if you see this signs in your newly hired lawyer, theres something wrong. You might as well start looking for someone else.

Here are the signs that the lawyer you had initially thought of hiring isnt the best choice:

  1. He is not willing to represent you in court for just a day. In some cases, the only thing you might need from an attorney is to be represented once in court for one compelling reasonits all you can afford. If that lawyer is wholly hesitant to do that for you, its pretty obvious; he prioritizes money over his client. Find someone else!
  2. Giving you false assurance. Lawyers should inform you about your whole case. They should be honest and trustworthy. But if he starts telling you that the courts are fair, give him your most convincing are you kidding me? look. Dont be reassured with those clich words. He should lay down all the cards on the table. This way, you will know what to expect along the trial process.
  3. Easily settles for a compromise agreement. If your lawyer pressures you to settle for less, raise your red flag high! He is not a good one. Lawyers should always prioritize the best interests of their clients. They must be able to create a win-win situation not something done just to prevent the parties from going to court. Remember that the system goes this way: lawyers try to settle rather than seeing a judge. So dont fall into that trap.
  4. Doesnt give a damn about your finances. Most of the time, when youre short of finances, you try to manage some of the easy tasks in your case. But if your lawyer insists on doing everything for you even if you honestly tell him you cant afford it, and then cut him straight. He can do all those stuff as long as he doesnt give you charges over your budget.
  5. He seems not very familiar with your case. Why is he your lawyer in the first place? Good lawyers study their clients case base on the facts given. This way, they can give the best arguments. They must put time and their heart into studying your case so that the results will be favorable for you as the client.

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