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Short jeans vs. long jeans

There always is a big debate about how to style jeans but to be sure you made the right decision you need to follow some basic rules.

  • Be sure you know your body and dress appropriately. Of course you can style shorts even if you have some extra pounds on, but surely toned legs look much better in this case. It’s all about how you feel and about your confidence.
  • Shorts look better in summer than in winter. And that’s easy to explain. Long stockings might look great but try to wear them right. Matte, black or colorful stockings are the best pick for such a mix. Try not to wear skin colored stocking with shorts unless you find some seamless designs that look good.
  • Both short and long jeans could make your legs look loner, it’s just a matter of styling. Skinny or straight jeans could help you up if you try some normal or high waisted cuts. Pair them up with some heels and a short or normal length top. If you are going for shorts, pick ankle cut shoes. If they go a bit above the ankle, they will make it look wider. Sandals and low sneakers are the best choice here.
  • Going for the right size. Too large or too tight is not the way to go. You need the exact size so that they would flatter your figure. A 0.5-1cm looseness will be the best choice when going for fitted styles. You need to feel comfortable in them so try stretch designs for a change.

Classic styles will last a lifetime if you are willing to pay and extra for each pair. Popular brands like Levis, Lee, True Religion or 7 for All Mankind are ideal brands to invest in when talking about jeans. Neutrals like, dark denim blue, white, black or even beige will never go out of style so they would be the right choice for more pricey picks. How to style jeans is just a matter of taste so try to stick to your own personality.

Don’t forget about belts. They keep your jeans perfectly fitted around your waist but they will also balance the entire look. You are wearing a longer, waterfall top, try a thin belt over it to be sure you will get that hourglass effect you wanted.

Extra tip: Try looking for jeans that close with metallic buttons instead of zippers. They tend to fit better and are more comfortable, but that’s a more personal opinion.

Styling jeans and short jeans is easy because they have the same basis. You need to start being creative and go bold.


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