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Shoe Makers

Over decades, handmade shoes became more and more popular among either seniors and young people. Beyond the trendy style, custom made shoes featuring a unique personality, represent a symbol for people who want to stand out of the crowd.

Although sometimes their customization is a bit fastidious in terms of pleasing the owner, shoemakers are usually spending a couple of days to a week to accomplish this state-of art process. This is why a pair of such shoes built according to one’s own tastes and desires are way expensive but finally worth the price. A website offering exactly what you need is SHOEMAKERS.

In the last years a new technique paved its way to the heart of handmade shoes lovers; is called Goodyear welt and represents an originary Italian manufacturing mechanism, in other words a craftsmanship supposing way more difficult work and a complicated process. On the other hand, adopting Goodyear welt technique actually confers the owner with more comfort and an increased sensation of well being along with an outstanding design compared to any other craft.

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