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SEO PPC SMO and the search engine marketing mix

Companies often approach Mediarun with a problem. How we go about solving that problem is what got us to where we are today. If you have read through our site, you will notice there are no references to packages or off the shelf solutions whatsoever. This is because we approach each search engine marketing campaign or project in a bespoke fashion.

Our clients often ask us the question “what is the best way to divide a budget between paid search, organic SEO and social media/online PR?” The answer will always be related to the end objective, the nature of the site in question, the budget available and the competitive environment.

Let’s consider a few examples –

Scenario 1 – A brand new site/domain, with little search engine credibility or ranking history. The key objective is to drive sales in the short term while building a sustainable source of organic traffic moving forward.

Scenario 2 – A long established site, with good credibility, search engine ranking history driving high volumes of organic traffic, but poor usability is resulting in low conversion ratios. The key objective moving forward is to increase revenues.

Scenario 3 – A new site launching a new product/proposition that few target consumers will be aware of. The objective is to get people interested in the proposition, drive registrations on the site while also generating ad revenue.

Obviously it would not make sense to approach the above problems in the same way. We are passionate about what we do and try to squeeze the most out of every budget through a blend of robust technical capability and marketing creativity. At Mediarun companies who approach search engine marketing in dull formulaic ways amuse us.

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