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SEO Depends on Web Design and Development

The design and development of a website entails a great deal of hard work and brain storming. The content, design, the coding, the optimization strategies go a long way in making a website receive plenty of hits. These tasks are an integral part of a webpage design process. A good website can give an organization a sharp edge and will propel itself above its competition. Today, a website is arguably the most important strategic arm of an organization and a profit generating mechanism from a pure business perspective.

A competent website engineer has to follow many checklists and operating standards. These can be background information, page layout and design, browser compatibility, navigation, color and graphics, multimedia, content presentation, functionality, accessibility etc. and many more. Also usage principles like equitable use, flexibility in use, ease in use, perceptible information, tolerance for error, low physical effort, and size and space for use and approach.

For a ground breaking web design strategy, one has to strictly adhere to some best practices. Some of them are:

• Remember that the term accessibility does not refer to the quality of the content, but how the stream is delivered. The idea is not to change or “dumb down” what’s there, but to make it available to more users.

• A straightforward method to test a web page for compliance is to run its URL through an online validation tool

• Graphic design is, by its nature, a visual entity. When evaluating the look-and-feel of Web applications, it’s easy to forget that appearance is not more important than accessibility, nor is it less important. An accessible Web site shouldn’t be ugly by default.

• Use a Web-tracking software package to collect traffic data. Determine how many users are leaving a page after one impression – possibly an instance where usability can be improved. It’s much easier to champion the cause for accessibility if the statistics indicate a worthy debate.

• When remediating an existing Web site, ensure that enough time in the project life cycle has been devoted to accessibility compliance.

• Meet with the technical team to gauge their familiarity with accessibility laws; designers who mention the term “web standards” are always a safe choice.

Also, a good SEO is equally essential to optimize the page traffic and determine the ranking it would get. Good SEO Services can help your website gain a foothold in a competitive market and will guarantee a successful customer conversion rate.

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