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Sending Large Files Online

In today’s you can easily send your large files from one place to another very easily. Earlier it was not possible for to send large files through internet but now there are so many tools which guides in sending large files through internet. You can also send your large files online through some reputed websites such as files to friends. The main question is how to send large files. Other ways through which you can send large files through web are:

1.File transfer between P2P: it involves a direct records transfer between two computers without the participation of any other server. You can send any size of files through this transfer technique and any no records can be sent without any intrusion. But for the file transfer to take place, both the sender and receiver should be online so that they can accept the incoming file transfer. This is free of cost.

2. Storage Services: There are many websites where you can first upload the records which you need to share and then these websites will provide you a link which can be used as a file distribution source. Disadvantages of such storage spaces are size limitation of single documents, no of files which can be uploaded and also time limit for which you can make next file upload.

3. E- Mail clients: Most of the E- mail service providers such as Google and Yahoo have specific restrictions of the documents size which you can send.

You can also visit online for getting the more information on how to send large files online.

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