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Sending gifts has been a long practiced gesture

Sending gifts has been a long practiced gesture for many special occasions. Sometimes gifts are sent just for the sake of sending, without relation to any special day. Parents often buy gifts for their children when they see something their children might like or when something affordable is on sale. Gifts were usually bought and delivered personally in the past. With the modernization of transportation, more people are prone to working or studying far from their families and friends.

The availability of online businesses has given the opportunity to many gift shops to bring their businesses online and at the same time expand their businesses significantly through competitive marketing and promotions. Knowing that many people are utilizing Internet to search and shop, online gift shops rushed to offer vast choices of gifts for all ages and all occasions at incredibly affordable prizes. Periodical and random discounted gifts are advertised to attract customers and at the same time the offer of free delivery or low priced delivery gave customer easier buying decision.

Buying and sending gifts has never been easier. Almost all localities with people using internet will have online gift sites. The offers and selection of gifts for all occasions welcomes customer from all ages and cultures. The availability of courier services, fast transportation and reliable communication made it possible to send gifts everywhere from the same town or to another continent far away. Gift are send to distant friends to show that they are not forgotten, sent to lovers to show affection and sent to parents and children to show love. It can be in the form of objects that can be seen and touched, can be kept as memorabilia or consumed, or more recently, gifts of unforgettable experiences.

With today’s globalised world causing millions of people to live far away from their loved ones, virtual gifts have been heralded as the next big Internet revenue generator, with forecasts totalling $5.5 billion in global revenue during 2009. is a revolutionary new way to send and receive money gift and emotional messages; it allows anyone to send a present when it’s impossible to be present. It’s simple, easy, can be done online and as the gifts are virtual there are no carbon emissions in transporting them around the world. While online retailers and gift websites abound, they are impersonal and require the sender to know the recipient’s address; a challenge if the recipient is traveling or you want to surprise a friend.

BoonSpace innovatively brings the personal experience to the Internet by uniquely combining a wide array of functionalities from across multiple disciplines. The gift sender can easily create a personal multimedia message, including e-card, photo, video, webcam uploads and voice message. Then they select the ideal virtual present including a customised animated gift box and finally choose whether to send a virtual gift only or attach an amount of money so the recipient can transform their virtual gift into the real thing by redeeming the gift money via PayPal. Users can even add friends and manage a calendar of important dates to remember.

BoonSpace is the next best thing to being there in person. Above all it’s fun, and the gifts are truly memorable and personal. The basic service is free to use, with a $1 charge if you want to add one of BoonSpace’s virtual presents. A small additional charge is applied for money transfers.

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