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Pre IPO Investing: How To Triple Your Investment. A Must Read For All Investors!

Selling Shareholder Offering: 200% to 500% Returns!

Pre IPO Investing: How To Triple Your Investment. A Must Read For All Investors!

It’s no mystery that IPO investing can make you millions overnight and investors savvy in this niche investment process constantly triple and quadruple their investments day in, day out. How do they do it? How does an investor pick a company with a winning model where they can buy a pre public share for .50 cents and go public with a solid share price of $2.00+ per share? Here is how it’s done.

First the company that you are considering investing in must be either a stable market or an emerging industry with massive demand. There must be rapid domestic and international expansion potential. The company must be a lightning rod for top tier strategic alliances that will voluntarily spend publicity, branding and PR dollars announcing its alliance with this new company.

The corporate structure must be one that is conducive to streamline processes with little need for micromanagement while simultaneously no being so macro managed that no one is accountable. Each individual executive and board of directors member must have a solid track record of successful ventures, similar to the enterprise at hand. Each C and Executive level member must be completely submerged in the industry and should be able to hold a press conference, give an intelligent interview and by mere presence be able to give a skilled public face to the company when they are put on the spot.

Next, who is the team that is taking them public and what are they doing to ensure that the company has an organized S1 and audit phase with enough market maker contacts to match the company with a group that will aggressively promote the company shares to the public. One of the most crucial elements to the entire process of going public is ‘publicity’ and ‘investor relations’. During the pre public phase the publicists should be slamming the internet with viral publicity which will brand the company as the be all and end all of all companies within their direct market place. They should make effective use of press releases, video uploads, social and news media bookmarking, inter-industry blog participation and a high traffic blog of their own on their own website.

Post public services must also be taken into consideration as you don’t want your stock to crash. The company must have multiple 30 day investor relations, stock promotion and TV and Radio campaigns to ensure that the company and stock will stabilize and gradually increase in value at a semi controlled rate.

These are the basics on what to look for when investing in pre IPO situations. Follow these general rules and watch your net worth grow! The best thing to do is find a consulting firm that takes companies public and offers a ‘public float’ or Direct Public Offering service to companies that meet certain criteria. This is where you will find a treasure trove of million dollar investment opportunities with quick turnaround and optimal profitability.

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