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SecondBrush Illustration

SecondBrush Illustration

Quality technology coupled with good internet access is a tool whose potential can never be matched by any other. With these, you have the power to access any information, learn, communicate and even perform financial transactions.

Though, even with these, you have to know exactly what websites to visit and the apps to download depending on your specific needs. This helps save a lot of time and effort when you need to perform a certain task.

3D animation films have become really famous with more and better quality being produced in the recent years. The accuracy, precision and keen detailing are some of the features that keep us glue to the screen, being carried away into this imaginary world.

So, have you ever wondered how these films are made? Well, it isn’t a simple procedure. It all starts with an idea, then character development, illustration, 3D sculpting and modeling, and finally animation.


Illustration and character development are the first stages where the idea starts coming to life, and if this is not done well, you may end up with unrealistic characters. It takes so much imagination, skill and expertise to get this done perfectly.

Well, here is a website where you can get illustration and character designs done by this production designer for 3D animated films.

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