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If you spend any amount of time doing research on running an online business, you'll run into the term "search engine optimization" or its common abbreviation "SEO".

Search Engine Ranking Factors

If you spend any amount of time doing research on running an online business, you’ll run into the term “search engine optimization” or its common abbreviation “SEO”.

It’s intellectually interesting to know that there are 917,846,342 different websites that are relevant to the search query, but really, if your website doesn’t appear in the first 10 pages (or first 100 results), it’s invisible to the world.

Search Engine Optimization did something similar in fact it is now a multibillion dollar sector and with every passing day is growing by leaps and bounds. In the initial days it did dwindled a bit but later on when it found its footing it never looked back again and since onwards after seeing the magical results it became the prime focus of any business or entity who want themselves to be recognized over the world wide web but it is the micro details to it which makes it a huge business.

One of the things that search engine optimization specialists do is keep track of all the changes in search engine operations so they can optimize pages accordingly. They also keep up with changes in the different search engine submission policies.

Getting a link from popular blogs is one of the best ways of link building. Whenever you post a comment on a blog, there will be a Name field, and a website field. You can give the link of your website in the website field, and include link building keywords that you are targeting, along with your name. This will ensure a link towards your site from the blog, and the ‘anchor’ text will have your keyword as well.

An important aspect of blog commenting is do follow blogs. When creating a link on a webpage using HTML, the standard code for that link includes the HTML tag, the URL the link points to, the text that will be shown on the webpage for that link, and the closing HTML tag.

You can another HTML attribute to the tag, saying rel=”nofollow”. This will tell the search engine spiders whether or not you want them to follow the link when crawling your website. So, basically, there is no concept of a “dofollow” blog, it just means not using the “nofollow” tag.

Although SEO is not rocket science, competency is not to be disheveled as obvious or merely implied that by writing great content alone that such a metric is capable of making up for all of the other intricacies that are a prerequisite to develop a genuinely authoritative site.

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