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Search Engine Phantom Review – Scam, Black or White Hat Seo?

What is Search Engine Phantom? Is it a SCAM or another BLACK HAT search engine optimization practices?

These are the questions that worry me when I came across this new product. As you know, major search engines (particularly Google) HATE websites that use black hat practices. They will always have a way to hunt down these sites and then ban them. This is understandable, because the main objective of a search engine (SE) is to give quality information to its users. Most sites that use black hat methods are designed to TRICK the SE to get traffic, they don’t provide good content to the users.

Since Search Engine Phantom offers 8 weeks money back guarantee, I thought I should give it a test to find out if this is the product that can help me to increase my profit online.

So I signed up and had tested the product for a couple of weeks now. And I can tell you right now that Search Engine Phantom is totally a WHITE HAT product. It works with the search engines and give them what they want instead of trying to trick them. It consists of 4 unique programs that will work tirelessly to integrate your sites with the search engines.

In a nutshell, the ultimate purpose of Search Engine Phantom is to generate hoards and hoards of traffic to your websites continually. If you’ve been working online for a while, I’m sure you agree that TRAFFIC (or rather TARGETED TRAFFIC) is the key to making money online.

Side Note: If you’ve lot of traffic coming to your site, it doesn’t mean you can make money out of them because if your traffic is NOT targeted, they won’t help you to generate sales. TARGETED TRAFFIC means traffic that targets on people who are actually looking for something… so these people are more likely to take action such as purchasing a product, click on a related ad, sign up for your newsletter, etc. These are the people you want to target and invite to your website.

Search Engine Phantom does exactly that! It helps generate targeted traffic to your website. The first two programs namely Traffic Equalizer and RSS Equalizer are designed specifically to do just that. They generate keyword targeted pages that have fresh content. As you know, search engines are always looking for sites that have fresh content.

Now, we’re not done yet. It gives you two more programs: SiteMap Equalizer and SEO Spider. As it name implies, SiteMap Equalizer will serve as a map for the search engines (SE), it will tell the SEs which pages to crawl and index. And the last program “SEO Spider” is my favorite. It allows me to see which keyword targeted pages of my website rank well on the SE’s result page. Moreover, it also allows me to see the same information of my competitor’s sites (it serves like a SPY for me).


Search Engine Phantom is a white hat SEO tool designed to integrate well with the search engines. It provides what the search engines want (such as fresh content) and gives them instructions about your website like where to go and where not to go.

And more importantly, it helps you build pages that are targeting on people who have high potential to accept your offer. Whether you’ve your own product to sell or got affiliate products to promote, Search Engine Phantom can help you reach your potential buyers quickly and effectively. It also provides a spy tool to help you see what’s your competitors in the same niche market with you are up to.

If you’re a serious Internet Entrepreneur who’s involved in a few niches and manages few websites, this product is worth your attention as it NOT ONLY provides you the technical information (such as website and ranking optimization) BUT ALSO competitive information such as what keywords your competitors are using and how well they perform.

Hope you find this review informative enough. Thanks for reading.

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