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Search Engine Marketing – Technique To Conquer Ongoing Business

In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment every company requires significant presence on the web. Every business wants mass publicity that too, fast and at minimal budget. Internet marketing tools are proving very helpful in fulfilling such demands. Amongst the various internet marketing activities, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a well appreciated and successful advertising model.

Search Engine Marketing is a set of advertising methods that boost prominence of your website on major search engines and drives quality traffic with greater conversions, thereby increasing Return on Investments. It creates brand awareness online and provides your website a leading position among the competitors. SEM techniques comprise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), E-mail Marketing, and Paid Inclusion.

1. SEO: A method of refining a website through keyword selection as per business requirement, meta tag formation and implementation, content optimisation, link building and directory submission. It is a time taking process but shows continuous growth in business, if done ethically.

2. PPC: An advertising model that lists your website on search engines and earns you business through clicks. Its main idea is pay more, rank high. It is a fast marketing tactic with flexible campaign pricing options.

3. E-mail marketing: Also termed as permission marketing, promotes your service or product via e-mails. It is a quick, effective and relatively low budgeted way of internet marketing. Target your audience and promote your business through e-mails.

4. Paid inclusion: Also termed as Pay Per Inclusion (PPI) or Pay for Inclusion (PFR), guarantees immediate listing in search engines in return for some fee. It is favoured by both search engines and website owners.

All these Search engine marketing techniques make the business popular amongst the searchers and help to convert them to valuable customers.

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