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Taking a look at the Samsung ML 1710PD printer using Samsung ML 1710PD replacement toner is easy enough to do because this little monochrome laser printer brings nice performance to the table, which is something a bit unexpected, one must say. That's because the printer usually comes in at a very affordable price between $40 and $60. In fact, there's a certain very popular consumer website selling it for around $50 these days. Samsung has done its work, it would seem.

Samsung ML 1710PD Printer And Samsung ML 1710PD Toner Cartridges – Great Price And Performance

When considering the Samsung ML 1710PD printer, several of its best qualities will quickly come to mind. It’s a nice monochrome laser printer of modest size but with good performance on the printed by with the Samsung ML 1710PD toner cartridges. It’s also very nicely priced, costing only around $50 or so. In fact, that’s precisely the price a certain very popular consumer website is currently listing the Samsung at these days. It would seem that Samsung has done its work well.

This Samsung, being a personal printer, is both compact and somewhat stylish. It offers ease of installation and fairly nice text quality. Additionally, Samsung has built in more than enough support to accommodate a wide variety of computer operating systems, in addition to the standard Microsoft and Mac offerings. Most users report it also offers a level of high-speed printing not often seen in a model of this price.

The ML weighs in at a trim 15 pounds and its compact size is evidenced by its size (14 by 14 by 8 inches). This can make the ML a perfect model for those needing an unobtrusive printer to sit on a small computer desk or bookshelf, out of the way but still capable of deliver high performance when needed. There’ll certainly be little trouble in moving it around, and the performance characteristics shine through at every turn.

As far as print speed goes, this is a performance aspect where the Samsung ML does itself justice. It can print on A4 paper at about 16 pages every minute and it takes ‘A’ size paper and churns out an additional page in that minute. When it comes to what it can print out on, envelopes, card stock, labels and transparencies, as well as plain paper, all fall under its aegis readily enough.

This particular Samsung can be connected to a computer only one way and that is via USB 2.0 input/output port connections. Keep in mind that the printer is aimed at those with a need for a bargain in mind, so be prepared to spend a few extra dollars on a cable. It’ll come with a toner cartridge, though, and there’s also a setup guide that will quickly walk the printer’s owner through all the steps necessary to get it up and running in short order.

Print quality is rated to be uniformly good with the Samsung ML. It delivers the goods at 600 by 600 dots per inch, which is more than acceptable for the kinds of work this personal printer will probably be performing. And with no evidence of smearing or blurring, anything put out will look clean and crisp under most circumstances. Given the cost of this little Samsung, this comes as a bit of surprise, quite frankly.

As far as storage capacities, the ML can hold up to 250 pages within a single tray, and there’s also an output tray that comes with the unit. The supplied Samsung ML 1710PD printer toner cartridges can print out about 3,000 sheets and it will not require standard maintenance until about 15,000 sheets have been put out by the device. In other words, the printer can go for quite a while until it’ll need either a new cartridge or some sort of regular maintenance.

Taking a look at the Samsung ML 1710PD printer will give one the opportunity to assess an affordable monochrome laser printer that works well as a personal unit for most anyone on a budget but who needs a high-speed model. It can work off of several different operating systems, including Linux and Mac 8.6 and later, as well as all of the most popular Window OSs. Indeed, there’s little downside to the Samsung ML.

The Samsung ML 1710PD printer toner cartridges will do a nice job for the user, stopping the need for expensive reprints. Quality Samsung cartridges always shows through in the final product and when ordering printer toner cartridges you will find great prices online.

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