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Re-keying a House Lock

The task of re-keying the locks in your home is probably not the most enjoyable thing you think about doing. Oftentimes, you just don’t realize how important it is to re-key your home locks. Every now and again, there are some circumstances that take place at specific times in our lives that should trigger us to re-key our locks. Below are some of those reasons.

You should always re-key your home locks after you move. Before you lived in your home, any number of key copies could have been made and handed out to friends, relatives, roommates and others. All of those keys could have been copied by even more people, or they could be lost. This is why it’s so important to re-key your locks after you move into a new place. If you are not sure how to re-key your locks, a Maricopa locksmith can help you out.

You should always re-key your home locks if the original keys were lost. You should always be ready for anything to happen, and you should be careful to make sure your home is secure at all times. If you lose your keys, have the locks re-keyed as soon as possible.

If your home has been burglarized, this is a time to re-key your locks. Even if it was a window that was broken to gain entry to your home, or if it was a door forced open, this is still a good time to re-key your locks. Having a Maricopa locksmith show up at your house to work on your doors and windows is a good sign to let the neighbors and anyone else see. This is obviously even more important if the burglary didn’t have any signs of forced entry. If this is the case, the most likely scenario is that the lock was picked, or a door was not locked to begin with.

Every five years is a good timeline for re-keying house locks. As time goes on, we tend to forget who has keys or how many have been lost. Five years give someone plenty of time to copy the key to your home. Maybe it was a housekeeper, mechanic, valet or a neighbor you gave a key to at one time, and now that key is missing.

Are you wondering why you should re-key the locks instead of just replacing the locks? Of course, the goal is to have your home secure. However, when a circumstance calls for having a new key, you can either replace the whole lock set, or you can just remove the lock and have a new key made. Re-keying the lock is going to be cheaper than replacing the entire lock. Of course, if the lock is defective for some reason, you will have to replace the entire lock.

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