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Property Finance Tips and Advice

So many people wants to start investing in property but dont know where to start. Experienced buyers will tell you that you should contact financial institutions and let them handle your property finance for you. That is very true. You should use other peoples money to finance your property.

Investors also advise new comers not to put all their money in one single property. The ideal is to have a number of properties so that the risk youre taking is reduced. Obviously not everyone can start investing in more than one property. Therefore you have to take that first step and buy your first piece of real estate. Remember that you must do your homework on which property to buy. Buying something that everyone else has is a bad decision.

These days mortgage houses and other financial institutions offer property finance of up to 90% of the total value. Property financing has become a dynamic business where investors and lenders have to keep up with laws and credit bureaus. While you are able to get finance of up to 90% you still need to convince the lender that you will be able to cover the monthly payments.

The benefits of property finance are by far better than financing it yourself. This fact can be easily illustrated with an example. Lets say the value of the property is R1000 000. You can either use your pension money or money you saved to pay the property in cash which will cost you R1000 000 out of your pocket. Or you can put down a deposit of lets say R100 000 and get property finance of R900 000. After one year you sell your property for R1400 000 which is market related because you did your homework when you bought the property. You paid R9000 per month on your mortgage. After the one year your total cost will be R208 000 (R100 000 + R108 000). R400 000 minus R208 000 = R192 000 profit. Without property financing your return on investment would have been 40% but because you financed your property your return on investment is 200%. That is how investors get rich.

Lenders that finance property up to 90% will either give you a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loan. These financial institutions have to make sure youre able to make your monthly obligations and that is why they verify your personal information such as your source of income, asset value, savings, market value of the property youre financing etc. The interest rate which you will get depends on all of these factors.

When you choose a financial institution that will finance your investment property or personal property make sure that you are familiar with the terms of the agreement. You need to know exactly how much youll me paying each much and if there are clauses such as prepayment penalties etc.

The point is this. You should let other people finance your property. Property financing will be the key to financial freedom in your investing career. Do your homework when deciding which property to buy even if it takes you a year to find the perfect one. Its not like youre going to buy a house every month anyway. Well, at least not when youre starting out.

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