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Press Advertising: Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

In the world of media, press advertising was king.  Since the advent of digital marketing and digital publications which can be read on line, it is much more difficult for hard copy magazines to attract advertising.  The reduction in press advertising has had a negative effect on the magazine industry, and several high profile publications have gone to the wall due to lack of revenue from advertising.  It is anticipated that this trend will continue as social media and marketing take an even stronger hold of the market share.


Press advertising has the benefit of making sure that your advertising is targeted as you will only advertise in the publications where you think the readership is appropriate.  For example, a plumber would not advertise in a hair dressing magazine.  There are however inevitable drawbacks as well.    If can be hard to track the effectiveness of press advertising.   On line advertising can be tracking using techniques such as Google Analytics and you can make adjustments to the text and images quickly as required.  If you have purchased press advertising for three months and the same advertisement is to be published in each issue, you will have to wait until that contract has expired before you can change the advertisement.  Depending on circumstances, the publisher may allow you a few minor changes, but the main sizing and images are usually tied up.  This is to keep costs down by people having to spend the time changing the press advertising after each issue has been printed.


Press advertising can be is used to raise brand awareness, and may be the best way.  An advertisement which is easily recognisable because of its colours, images and slogans, this can increase revenue.  Customers can be fickle and trends change, but if you have a standard brand for both your press advertising and your on line advertising, you will have a better chance of being seen as a competitive, forward thinking company which is worth doing business with.


The feedback you receive is the key to getting a good return on your investment. Negative feedback is positive!  If you receive a bad review of your goods or services, you are more likely to try to improve them.   By using press advertising to heighten awareness of your branding, products and services, you are putting options in front of the consumer, which in turn creates healthy competition.  Whether you take a page of press advertising or a small advertisement will depend on your budget and how effective you think it will be to advertise in that particular publication.  We all have choices, and the magazine and newspaper industry is no different.  Using a combination of press advertising and on line social media marketing and digital advertising, you are giving your organisation the very best opportunity to be seen and for people to buy.   Many companies nowadays try both routes, depending on their circumstances.   To be able to stay ahead of the game, companies must be flexible in their approach, and that includes using their advertising budget wisely and to best effect.


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