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Positive Reviews for the Dyson DC35

The Dyson DC35 is the coolest vacuum, ever! This machine goes anywhere. The vacuum cleaner is no longer restricted to the house. This machine is so small and lightweight that it can be used in your house, car, boat, or camper. It can even be used to vacuum out your tent while you are camping. This is one machine that you dont have to worry about finding storage for. Even though, this vacuum will fit in a cupboard, it will be used so often that you will almost never see it in its storage place.

If you have teens that are difficult to get any kind of cleaning assistance out of, this vacuum will help. It is so light and easy to use that even a teenager cannot come up with an excuse not to use it. Because it is rechargeable and the charge lasts so long, there is not even a cord to battle. Dont let the rechargeable small size fool you, this machine is Dyson strong. The same patented cyclone technology that distinguishes Dysons larger machines, makes this one better than most large plug in vacuum cleaner. One Dyson DC35 review claimed that this machine was expensive and could not stand up on its own. I disagree. You get what you pay for, and this machine is worth it.

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