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Popularity Of Diamond Rings

If you are going to get married soon then you should buy a good quality diamond ring. The Princess Cut is one of the most commonly used sizes at this time. It is especially seen in engagement rings. Its main feature is the square shape, with 76 facets, this size makes the diamond is very bright because of the way it reflects light. Its rectangular shape characterizes the emerald cut. It has an important central panel, and the following are parallel rectangular facets to it. Traditionally the number of facets on the emerald cut is 50. This size reflects light a little less than the size Princess, but the rectangular shape gives it an imposing demeanor.

The oval has 56 facets and shape is very similar to that of a diamond. The key in this size is that the diamond shape is not too rounded. As all sizes predominantly long, in a ring causes the illusion of a longer finger. Many online platforms are selling diamond rings on the internet. You can also check out wedding rings for men on the internet. You should also take some advice from your friends or elders. They may guide you in the right direction. Many people like to purchase classic diamond ring from the market.

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