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Personalized Hybrid Vision Cartridge

This personalized hybrid vision cartridge is an exceptional option for a gift idea you can give to your wife, husband, family member or friend who enjoys smoking electronic cigarettes. You can have a personalized message engraved unto the cartridge itself, which means that you’ll provide a personal gift, rather than a stock one you can get from any old store.

Electronic cigarettes come as an alternative to regular cigarettes. They use a weak electric current to vaporize a special solution which contains nicotine. The smoker then can exhale smoke, while filling his nicotine craving at the same time, but without the added risks of thousands of chemicals found in regular cigarettes.


There are many types of electronic cigarettes out there now and many producers market them all around. But this one is very special, as it can be charged while you actually use it! Just connect it via the USB cable to your laptop or your computer and smoke away, without having to worry about battery life when it’s connected. That’s truly an amazing quality to look for in a cigarette and, as they put it, it’s a quality which should be available to any and all electronic cigarettes.

And the ability to have the cartridge inscribed is awfully useful. Simply order in your personalized cartridge and have it inscribed with your own colors, font and message. You can have your anniversary written on it, or a “His” and “Her” cartridge to avoid from mismatching them at any point. Aside from that, you can write down a simple good wish or a love message for anyone particularly close to you. The personalized cartridge comes with a atomizer when you buy it and it’s really cheap, by comparison with other sites which don’t even offer the graving option.

The electronic cigarette featured on this website looks amazing. It’s slick, it’s fashionable and through being black, it can go with just about any occasion whatsoever. The fact that it’s so slim will allow you to carry it with you whenever you want and wherever you go. It’s really simple to put in your pocket and forget about it, because it’s not heavy and it might actually be passed on as a fashionable pen.


Aside from all that, you’ll need to take into consideration that the latest technology of electronic cigarettes is present in this here model. It features all sorts of improvements over its competitors, from longer battery life, to the overcharging risk being considerably lowered. The atomizers can be replaced individually without having to replace the entire cartridge, if you feel that the smoke isn’t quite so consistent as it should be. As well, if you find that your cigarette tastes differently, you might want to consider changing the atomizer and see if that helps.

And while we’re on tastes – this cigarette comes with all sorts of liquids, all of which have their own unique taste and consistency. Popular flavors like tobacco, menthol, apple, banana, cola, coconut, cinnamon, mango, mocha, spearmint, strawberry and grape are available, along many, many more. Each comes with different levels of nicotine content. Some only have high nicotine content or none at all. There are some who have more levels, like low, medium, high and very high. You can get these flavors at astonishing prices from this very website as well.

The technology, the innovation and the dedication put into the 7’s electronic cigarette has truly made it one of the leading competitors for the electronic smoking market. Be sure to visit the website today and see the wonders this cigarette can provide at work. You’ll get acquainted with its design, its characteristics and its numerous benefits over its competitors. Here you’ll learn how it works, what makes it work and why – all crucial information for someone interested in more than just puffing away at a stick.

The great taste, the awesome varied flavors and the slick, modern and fashionable design this e-cigarette gives its users have taken it up in terms of popularity. Be sure to visit today and get your very own. Or, better yet, get it for someone you know that smokes regular cigarettes and you may be helping them quit through this little marvel.

And let’s not forget the personalized cartridge – a perfect gift idea which will cost you basically nothing, as you’ll probably gonna need to replace the cartridge eventually. Moreover, you can get the personalized cartridge for someone you’ve bought the electronic cigarette too – so that way, you’ll personalized the gift even more. The cartridge can and will say whatever you want it to – just thing of a great thing to tell your loved one or friend and place your order. Pick your color and your own font and then wait around until your personalized cartridge reaches you.

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