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Pepperjam is the newest Mobile Marketing Company

Mobile advertisement is a type of promotion via mobile telephones or other mobile gadgets like laptops and PDAs. Mobile advertisement is closely related to online or Internet advertising in the way it’s executed. Reach of this kind of advertising is far bigger than it’s realized now. At this time most of the mobile advertising is targeted at phones.

There are nearly 4 billions mobile phones in the world. China boosts largest number of mobile phone users with 500 million people owning a mobile phone. Now mobile advertising is just 1% of global advertising spend. But, stuff will change in coming years. It is obvious that advertisers and media industry will increasingly take account of a fast-growing mobile market. As a result mobile media is evolving rapidly and there is a dedicated worldwide awards ceremony organized every year by Vision gain.

Pepperjam the newest Mobile Marketing Company jumped one more tine for success: they developed a mobile advertising project:

Pepperjam Mobile, powered by M3 Mobile Marketing, builds, manages, and deploys mobile marketing campaigns. Our technology is industry-leading and allows Pepperjam clients to take advantage of all facets of mobile marketing.

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