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Over the knee boots and dresses

Over the knee boots and dresses

When you think of over the knee boots you probably would associate them with short skirts, mini dresses or rompers. The fact is, if you go for over the knee boots, you would surely want them to show, that means wearing something revealing.

On the other hand, there are many other ways in making them stand out even if you are not necessarily wearing short items above the boots.

Sheers, tulle or lace maxi or midi dresses are a great pair when it comes to being original in wearing over the knee boots. Try to work on contrasts too. Dark red boots with a salmon pink midi sheer dress. To match it up, go for a velvet dark red choker or some matching chandelier earrings.

Hi-low dresses are another option. Pick frills and ruffles for a cool, boho inspired look. Bell sleeves and flared dress are things you should consider when picking such an outfit. Chiffon is very popular but you might just consider a woolen dress that will have the exact effect but it will also keep you warm during the cold season.

Maxi dresses with a deep slit would look really great with such long boots. For a super sexy mix, try a sateen dress with some dark colored velvet or suede boots. Don’t forget about a subtle choker or a thin bodychain worn underneath the dress. It will give you that extra spice you need.

But not only dresses, try some ultra skinny jeans with these over the knee boots. Basic dark denim jeans worn with dark green suede boots and a metallic textured crop top for an original going out look. Forget about dull outfits for dancing in the club, try an interesting layering and maybe unpredictable associations for a wow effect.

Laced up, zipped or just pull up boots, you name it! Pick the right style that will flatter your silhouette and match your existing wardrobe. That is if you don’t want to change your entire style right now or just adjust the old, adding a little spice to it.

So how would you wear your over the knee boots?



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