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Opting a Web Host? …. Deep Study Required!

In the web hosting market hosting providers use a variety of techniques to magnetize clients. Their features are so much identical that users especially beginners come under dilemma making the whole procedure a daunting one.

For beginner root knowledge to web hosting is essential, he/she should have a satisfactory explanation of the questions like:

1.Web host- it’s meaning?

2. What are the platforms available for host server? Distinguishing between various servers?

3. What is meant by bandwidth?

4. What is meant by a domain name? By what way one can get it?

5. The way one can create web pages.

6. Scripting languages- their meaning? What are their applications?

7. What is meant by FTP?

8. What features are essential for one’s website?

For a user whose intention is to opt a personal website just to publish few pictures and text can even move on to low priced web hosting providers or even to free hosting providers to fulfill his/her requirements.

But it is not going to happen when user possess a business site to promote sales and services, rather one needs to be very careful while dealing with a new web host. One needs to do through investigation before reaching to any form of conclusion. There is nothing when after spending so much time, effort and money user is not finding the site prepared to catch the clients required for the business purposes.

There are several features related to web hosting like storage capacity, bandwidth, platform and scripting languages about which user should have knowledge as early as possible.

After all these procedures the user will get the final list of hosts whose provided features will match user’s requirements but before coming to any of the final conclusion one should inquire about host’s past history, present and past client’s experiences and reviews. All these efforts will definitely influence user’s decision in a positive manner.

There is no assurance that while looking for any of the information such as “best web hosting” or “top 10 hosting companies” on the search engines will provide the user accurate information. This is because ranking on such reviews sites will be on the basis of the companies paying higher commissions to their affiliates.

One can say that after short listening of choices the task had not become easier rather tougher because now user needs to be very alert in every aspect. One has to evaluate them on certain measures, which might take a long period to complete the overall process.

The following are the Sources of information on which one can rely:

1. Minimum three honest and unbiased review sites.

2. Several reviews from several forums.

3. Feedback from customers.

Review Sites:

Review sites can be a key weapon to reach a very near to the actual search. It is particularly recommended for those whom search utility is based on price, space, bandwidth, and Operating Server. Which can be definitely time beneficial for the user.

One should not opt for the review sites mentioning “top 10” or like that. Instead of that user should look for client based review sites. One should evaluate at least three sites to evaluate reviews and opinions. User should remain alert while going through customer reviews as some of them are only meant to trap new comers.

Hosting Forums:

Known to be one of the prime sources of reviews and opinions, these are the open places (forums) where a client can frankly write his/her estimations and belief. But, this also suffers from drawbacks, as due to be an open place a service provider can praise his/her hosting company and competitors can use it as a weapon to damage the public image of other service providing companies. In few of the forums, such activities are not allowed. However, Moderators keep a good look on such activities, but still one cannot assure 100% guarantee of their honesty and credibility. Thus one should keep this thing in mind and then should go on with his/her search.

One can have several forums from search engines. It is quite common that almost all forums are having a search services from which one can search for his/her candidate hosting provider’s name or URL. If one gets something interesting, he/she should continue reading them as much as possible. However if one does not get any results then too there is no need to worry. In that case one can post a thread asking for customer reviews about the intended provider(s). Last but not the least, again the whole thing depends upon the prudence of user.

Customer’s feedback

There are several web hosts listing samples of their customers. Some others are there having forums on their websites for support, where one can find the real case studies where there is an issue raised by real customers and the way is given, how the company dealt it. The thing to consider is there is given the addresses of some customers. One should try to contact those customers to find the reliability of the company’s service and support.

Thus now after all these things it can be assumed that user is in a position to take right decision in order to escape from problems afterwards.

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