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Online sales proposal

When you’re running a business, it’s important to know how to address your clients. Moreover, it’s equally important how to get in touch and maintain a professional relationship with your providers and your biggest clients. And to do that, you’ll need to reach and maintain a certain standard when it comes to all sorts of etiquette-related practices, among which sales proposals.

Sale proposals are basically a price sheet for different services or products you may have for sale for your clients. They can analyze the proposal and come back to you with feedback in this direction. It’s important to compose and put together a good sale proposal and this website offers the tools to do so instantly, online.


ClientSky offers an interactive platform through which you can put together and send over your sale proposal. Everything is done online, so you won’t need any programs installed on your computer, nor the technical know-how to put one together. Everything is based on already available templates which offer the basis and foundation for professional-looking online sales proposals.

Not only that, but on this website, you’ll have access to numerous tools which allow you to customize your own sale proposal as per your needs and style. Even more, you can add video and audio which will play as soon as the proposal is opened. When your client receives the proposal, he or she can access it from any device or platform available, including computers, tablets and smartphones. The online proposal software can make the proposal itself readable in any circumstance, regardless of the device, without you having to convert it to specific formats.

The main thing behind this proposal software is the fact that you’ll win a lot of free time for yourself. No more will you have to spend hours on end coming up with a professional, well-written and well-designed sales proposal. Simply access the website and start working, without having to find templates (which you need to buy) and then dedicate precious time to writing standardized content.


The service is available at only $15 / month and it can be accessed from anywhere around the world, on any type of device and platform. What’s more, if you sign up now, you’ll get an exclusive 30 day free trial period which allows you to benefit from this service without restriction for the full month. You can then decide whether those measly $15 are worth it or not – but you’ll see for yourself the simple manner through which this website offers you a crucial service.

ClientSky is also great at incorporating high-detailed graphics into your online sales proposal. You can put in colorful graphs, high resolution images and various tables. The videos you include can be high res as well, allowing for comprehensive and complete presentations of your project.

Once you start sending out your proposals, you’ll have an analytics tool which helps you determine how your proposals are handled. You’ll learn when and by who they are opened, how are they accepted and get comprehensive sales team reports for the people who are employed by you to take care of the sales proposals.

When you’re working with a bigger team, you need to keep track of each and every aspect they handle. And through this web service you can do so, and collaborate with other members of your team to handle each proposal accordingly and synchronize everything there is to synchronize about your project. You’ll also be able to brand certain company-related logos and brands into your proposal, tailoring it for your specific business. It’s really important you’re able to do this and brand your proposals so that your clients will always be reminded who they’re working with.


The proposals look great, and you can get a sample proposal for free on your email right now. They feature multiple pages and can express a whole lot about the projects at hand. It’s really important that you offer your clients complete information on all services pertaining to your products and make sure that they understand what they’re about to buy. It’s also important that you use a good content creator who will know how the sales pitch needs to be written. In terms of pricing, you can add tables with various prices for various services. It will help make your clients more susceptible in accepting one of your offers. And also remember to be flexible where you can – you need the client base as much as the clients need your services.

All in all, this is a great service which most entrepreneurs will benefit from. So visit the website today to start using the online proposal templates available, along with getting a free sales proposal sample. Remember – you have a full 30 day trial period before you need to decide whether you’ll stick with the product or not.

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