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Online Business-People Search Engine and Build your GDI Downline FAST!

I discovered this program that is set up with 6 separate streams of income and pays you $125 the very first day and taps into the biggest niche market there is. With NO RISK AT ALL!!! LITERALLY!!!!

A Program Thats Great To Build your GDI Downline and earn Residual Income. Im talking about a Residual Income for the rest of your life!!!


Out of the TOP 3 Search Engines out there, (GOOGLE, YAHOO and MSN) 30% of EVERYTHING being searched for EVERYDAY is People Searches!! Now that means, People looking for other people, People looking for addresses on certain people, People needing to do a Background Check for certain reasons due to a Working Environment, or whatever it may be for, People are Searching like crazy for People or Peoples Information!!!

People searches are popular because they give us insight and useful information on a Person they may be going on a date with, a political opponent, or maybe even a prospective employee.

Acme-people-search provides you with your OWN people search engine. When I say OWN, that is EXACTLY what I mean!! It is Under your OWN Domain Name and Hosting!! You just pick out a name that you would like your website to have and BOOM*!, its yours!! Do you see what I’m Getting at here? Its Phenomenal, The potential of having your own People Search Engine CAN and WILL bring Success!

Now what is Amazing with Tissa’s Program is, After you have your OWN Search Engine under your own name, You receive 6 separate Streams of income. ALL TIED INTO ONE SEARCH ENGINE, (YOUR SEARCH ENGINE) Bringing you Multiple Streams of Income!!

Now One of those Streams is GDI. Global Domains International (GDI) is the worldwide domain name registry for all .ws (Dot WS) domain names.

Now when it comes to GDI and building your Downline, Basically you are paid $1 per person (per domain) a month, that is registered in your network. Your Network is 5 Levels Deep!! A Multi-Level Compensation plan is the most simplest plan, and the key to quick growth and Residual Income for the Rest of your life.

Ok, Now I know what you are thinking….. $1 per person?? Where is the Money at in that? Let me see if I can explain this to where you would understand how this generates massive amounts of money for thousands of people, each and every month!

Here’s an example: Ok, First off, Anybody that YOU sign up or in other words “REFER”, and decide to go with the program also, is Considered your LEVEL 1! You can have as many people on your first level as you can possibly want/get.

Now lets start with a small number and see if I can get the point across. Lets say you refer 5 people to GDI, on your Front Line. That Would mean you would get paid $5 per month! (Keep Reading)

“That means you have 5 People on your 1st Level.”

Now Lets say Each of those 5 people on your “1st Level”, Refers 5 of their own people on Their 1st Level….. This means you have 5 people on your 1st Level…. and 25 people on your “2nd Level”!

You’re now getting paid an additional $25 per month from your 2nd level. And still the $5 per month from your 1st Level. Ok, so now its up to $30 a month!(I know, I know, whats $30 a month? But keep reading)

Now out of those 25 People on your second Level, they can refer as many people as they want for their First Level also and so on….

See where this is going?

But since Im just explaining it you, Ill keep it small, with each person getting 5 people on their 1st Level! We will say that they too refer just 5 people each. That’s $125 in monthly commissions just on your 3rd level, right? Now if that cycle continues, you’ll have $625 in monthly commissions for your 4th level, and $3,905 in monthly commissions on your 5th level.

Now thats saying you only sign up 5 people on your 1st Level, remember? So that means that you want to try and Sign up as many people as you can on your 1st Level! People on your Second Level are going to be doing the same thing and so on down the levels! Thats $3,905 a month with only 5 people on your Frontline!!! The Returns are TREMENDOUS!!!


Check out this income calculator to get an idea of your LONG TERM MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME POSSIBILITY.

Press Ctrl+N to bring up a new window and copy and paste this address in there:

But wait… There’s More!

ACME PEOPLE SEARCH will pay you Referral Fees whenever you refer Qualified Users who Affiliatize, Monetize, and Advertise their own niche search engines. If a referral maintains Step 1 for at least 30 days, you get paid $5.00. If your referral maintains Step 2 for at least 45 days, he’ll pay you another $10.00. And if that referral maintains Step 3 for at least 65 days, he’ll pay you ANOTHER $15.00. That’s $30.00 per referral!

I have had a lot of people ask me if this is a Scam…. And I can’t emphasis enough that there is no way that this can be a scam because it is YOUR PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE and YOUR COMMISSIONS!!! There is Absolutely no up front Cost or start up fees. Just EVERYTHING you need to Start making money……

NO SELLING ANYTHING…. It Sells itself!!

Plus, with a “guaranteed” $125.00 US DOLLARS in less than 24 hours! You can’t help but to try it out….. Especially if you are already looking to get into making money from home on your computer!! This is the best program I have found to date that has everything set up for you and is actually targeted to Making You Money!

$125.00 can go a long way…. That’s a car payment or Groceries or just whatever you wanna spend it on! Either way, thats $125.00 Guaranteed Commissions within your first 24 hours of being up and running!! That is $125.00 Before you pay “Anything”…. The payment is only $10.00 US Dollars a month anyways….. Do the math there….. SCAM?? No Possible way at all…. That’s what first got me interested in this program!

I was already interested in Affiliate Marketing Commissions and How they work when I discovered this program….. Tissa has Truly came up with the perfect program that makes you money….

I had Absolutely No Experience at all when I started. All I knew is that I wanted to Get into Affiliate Marketing and make some money!! Since I have been with Tissa and His Program I have learned that there is Actually No Real Rocket Science in it at all, and I was just making it harder than it really was…..

To see What my Search engine looks Like, Feel Free to check it out….

You get commissions on all sales your Search Engine Generates with 3 companies. (Clickbank, HD Publishing and MyLife) All 3 are Absolutely Free to sign up and get your affiliate links for and Your Search Engine is Completely Set up to where all you gotta do is put in your Affiliate Links into your back office of your Search Engine and thats it… Your ready to start making money!!! And on top of all that, you make even more money, on the referrals that you introduce to the program. It is Nothing but a WIN/WIN SITUATION!!!

Tissa Godavitarne, who runs the program, uses Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising to promote your site free of charge.

After the first 30 days, there is a monthly fee of $30….But by then you will be making a lot more than that so it really doesn’t matter!!! (Plus, don’t forget that $125.00 Guaranteed Commissions, you can just use that to pay for $30 fee!! But nothing gets charged until AFTER the 30 day FREE TRIAL is up!!!

You will be making money right from the start…..
As of April 2009, Tissa’s affiliates have been paid $223,493.00 in total commissions, of which $43,625.00 was the Guaranteed Commission of at least $125.00. And It is just going to keep rising and rising!!

Are you ready to start building your GDI downline with your Free People Search Engine??

You can Check it all out here and see what it is all about:

Click here to Enter a valid email address and your User name will be sent to you……

I have also included a “Proof Board” to prove the commissions of the Guaranteed $125.00, and in Most cases it is significantly greater than the Guaranteed of $125.00…. Check it out for yourself…..

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