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Online Advertising: Past, Present and the Future

If we look into the past, present and future of online advertising then we can see that how well the business of Internet advertising has performed in these many years. While tracing the scenario of online advertising we could see so many milestones covered by this business. Advertising has always been an integral part of marketing and to promote a good/service every producer goes for some or the other form of advertising. Earlier no body knew what advertising was and what could this service do. With the changing trends slowly posters, banners etc came up to make people aware about the latest happenings. With the growth of media, advertising soon became it’s integral part. Advertising became a part of every media organization that not only helped to advertise products but even became a source of revenue for the media organizations. Will the upcoming of Internet, advertising soon became it’s part as well and the concept of online advertising now became popular.

While tracing the growth of Internet advertising one can see that this advertising form was not performing in the initial years because people were not Internet friendly and this kind of an advertising form was only for the elite class of society. Maintaining a computer system with the Internet connection was not affordable by everyone and so the business of online advertising could not earn profits.

Slowly with the growth of information technology it was seen that the audience started showing interest in online advertising, as it helped them to come across a brand online and even buy the products through online facility. Today major part of the population is using Internet for their day to day works and coming across online advertisements is helping them to remain updated with the market scenario. Online advertising helps people to come across the latest goods/services and encourage them to use online facilities in order to make online business a success.

Talking about the future of online advertising it can be said that in the coming years every advertiser will make use of only Internet advertising to promote the products. This form of advertising will inform, educate, entertain and even persuade people in the coming years.

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