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One Simple Way To Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is something that is on most people’s minds, causing thousands to feel stressed and worried over something that comes down to a very simple concept. Losing weight is based around the idea of creating a caloric deficit without harming your body. Each pound of body fat is equivalent to about 3,500 calories. This number can seem daunting, but what most people forget to consider is that weight loss should be a long term process, rather than a quick fix. Creating a weekly caloric deficit is an easy way to do exactly this.

The easiest way to create a weekly deficit would be to swap one common food item with a healthier, lower calorie option. Let us say you drink one bottle of soda on a daily basis. Any given bottle of soda has about 250 calories. Now, swap that soda with a bottle of water. In one week, you will have eliminated 1,750 calories from your weekly intake. That is over half of what is required to lose one pound of fat. By making small changes like this, one could easily continue to create a 3,500 calorie deficit, giving a good start to any weight loss effort. The green coffee beans supplementation has helped me drop a lot of weight.

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