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One clever idea I had this month

I have a small non-profit in Europe and in march well have a meeting. Now, i want to surprise somehow my members, I want to make them feel that they are belonging to something, that we are united. I am sure you got the idea.

Now, the cheapest and easiest way to archive something like this it is to print a custom message, along with my non-profit’s logo on something. Lighters? Neah… Umbrellas?  Yup, bingo, this is it: offset umbrellas!

Wearing a customized and funny T-shirt enables it’s wearer to spread your message, it is free marketing. The cost of custom printed T-shirts? Pennies.

The best place to search for t shirt screen printing services is Google, of course. I found this website, and I saw they offer also embroidered shirts, too.

What’s the procedure? Well, you send ’em what you’d like to be printed on those T-shirts and they do the dirty job and ship you the printed T-shirts. You can choose various sizes to fit everyone.

It is very simple to make use of this trick, isn’t it? This is one of those low budget, clever ideas, anyone can use.

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