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Obtaining An Improved Selling Position On E-Bay

How do you obtain an improved selling position on e-bay? This question may have been asked many times already. Internet market and e-bay online selling are such a big area to consider. How will an online eCommerce shop get more customers and sell products well? Well, here are some tips to help sellers sell their goods on e-bay better.

Best Match. A seller should focus on improving his position on Best Match, the default search result sorter of E-Bay. In order to have a good position in Best Match, the seller must take note of the following:

o Reasonable Pricing
o Excellent Service
o Well written product description and relevant title
o Simple and easy to understand instructions
o Ensure to provide customers clear and up to date picture
o Be knowledgeable about shipping and payment terms

E-bay listing. Before a seller starts listing his or her items, he/she should have extensively researched E-bay’s similar items, how it was positioned them and listed them. For example, the listing format. E-Bay offers two different listing formats namely Auction Style format and Fixed Price format. The first format is for those sellers who do not know how to price their ‘hard to find’ items. The fixed price format, on the other hand, could help sellers with their position in the Best Match search. For a seller, it is also important to receive a lot of positive feedback in order to increase the possibility of maximizing his or her position in the Best Match result search.

Customer Centered. One of the best ways to sell well on eBay is to provide excellent service to customers. For example, when listing an item, a seller should ensure that the categories he/she is using are relevant to the customers’ keyword search. As much as possible, sellers should be able to answer all customer inquiries regarding the product as well. Once the product is sold, the customer should receive follow up reports as to how it was shipped to ensure high customer satisfaction. By doing all these, the seller would definitely receive positive feedback from their buyers.

The most important thing that a seller should remember to have an improved selling position on e-bay is customer satisfaction.

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