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Last century saw more inventions than the whole recorded history of mankind.

New Systems Allow Quick Access To Information

Last century saw more inventions than the whole recorded history of mankind.

It is a popular belief that Information Technology saw the most advancements. Well that’s not really the case. In reality the medical community is the one that made the most discoveries. These advancements are very promising.

Every month there is a big new announcement being made by the medical community. This is not to say that IT is lagging far behind either. Information technology has seen its fair share of growth also. Unfortunately some of it is quite controversial. Let’s take reverse phone book look up as an example. Before if you wanted to get a name of a person you would need to manually look for the phone number in a telephone book. Can you imagine sifting through all of these phone numbers? I sure can’t.

Today you can run reverse phone look ups directly from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit a web-site enter the phone number and voila. Information like the first and last name of the user and address is readily available. In the case of cell phone look up you might get even more information. For example if the carrier supports this feature you might be able to get the actual location of an individual to whom the number belongs!

Things like surname and postal address can be easily found using this method. Some cell phone look ups can reveal even more information. If you are lucky enough to find Cell Tower triangulation search you might be able to find out the approximate location of a person. You can imagine how useful this reverse telephone number look up can be. One can protect himself effectively against prank callers and stalkers. You can even reverse look up an organizations toll free number to find their name. If you were expecting an important telephone call and missed one, you can also look it up.

It’s sad, but evil doers can also use this service. A stalker might trace a victim’s address based on a phone number.

There are many instances where this can do a substantial amount of harm. I sincerely hope that the bad guys won’t spoil it for the rest of us. Just because they decide to cross the line it doesn’t mean that others will follow their example. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s of the same opinion.

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