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Myths About Careers In Advertising

Advertising can be an exciting career option for those who are highly motivated,imaginative and posses excellent communication skill.Advertising is a unique amalgamation of artistic creativity,consumer psychology and research and analytical science.There are several myths out there regarding careers in advertising that we need to dispel.

Myth: Advertising is a disgraceful profession.

Jobs in advertising are, in fact,quite respectable profession where you’ll meet educated and well-mannered people.Unfortunately,most people have this misconception that advertising is to deceive or fool people as businesspersons try to sell their products through advertisements.Actually advertising is a very systematic process that follows certain rules while conveying the product message on behalf of the advertiser.It is the responsibility of the advertising agency to take care of their client’s goodwill in the market.

Myth: It’s hard to find a job in advertising.

There is wide scope in advertising and media careers.But that does not mean that one will earn in six digits with his/her first job in advertising.It entails a lot of hard work and perseverance to reach the top.Still,there are a number of entry-level positions in advertising agencies.

Myth: “Everyone in advertising makes a fortune”.

Advertising is a lucrative profession where one has ample scope to make good money.But it requires excellent communication and analytical skills as well as innovative thinking ability.Advertising industry provides a nice platform for newcomers and gives opportunity to climb up the hierarchical ladder.

Myth: You’ll be appreciated for each of your great ideas.

Advertising follows a well defined process for every ad campaign.As a part of the creative team,not always you will be appreciated for your innovative ideas.Your ideas and works will have to pass through different levels of quality checking during the course of the project.Your ideas might be welcome at the meeting one day and on the other day you may find several changes done in your copy.So,the mantra is not to lose heart and give your best.

Myth: Jobs in advertising is similar to jobs in public relations.

While advertising and public relation,are apparently similar their objectives are far apart.Advertising is all about salesmanship and a good deal of communicating with the consumers.Good communication skill might help you get a job in public relation or in advertising.But there are various other aspects that you need to know about each of these industries to succeed.

Myth: It’ is a glamorous profession.

It is really enjoyable when you are a part of the creative team that designs great advertisements and commercials.Your work will be on TV and millions of people will watch that. On the flip side there are long hours of work and even sometimes no weekend parties to relax.But careers in advertising may open up the doors for Hollywood.There are many examples of people who started in advertising and ended up working for motion pictures.

Therefore,you have plenty of reasons to choose a career in advertising and bring your creative side in front of the world.

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