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My Trip To Scotland

My Trip To Scotland

I planned to take a trip to Scotland during the summers, and thought it would be a good idea to see the landscape along the way. Even though it was a long journey, I booked my train tickets and headed off to the train station. I went to the quietest compartment in the train and took a seat there. But soon the compartment began to fill up and there were lots of people there chattering around.

I hadn’t slept the previous night and I really needed some peace and quiet. So I put on my Bose Quietcomfort 25 noise cancelling headphones which I purchased the other day. After doing some research and reading reviews on the Bose Quietcomfort 25 noise cancelling headphones I settled on them.

I am so glad I did, the moment I played my favorite track, everything else seemed to fade away. There was no noise and all of a sudden everything had become peaceful.

The journey was so peaceful then, after listening to some great music and watching the scenery outside my window. The hours passed away but I didn’t seem to notice because the trip had become so much enjoyable. I stopped at different stations and more people got on, but I hardly felt the noise of the crowd as I was deeply engrossed in my music.

The headphones were felt light even thou I had been wearing them for a couple of hours. The sound quality was great and I felt as if I was listening to my music at home. Even the roar of the engine didn’t bother me, and I could hear nothing but clear music with no noise in the background.

I called my family and friends to tell them how my trip was going. I used the in-built microphone in the headphones and the voice sounded clearer than my mobile device. I was amazed at how much difference it made, and I could speak to and listen clearly without having to bother about any noise coming from the surrounding area.

I was glad I had purchased the Bose QC 25 noise cancelling headphones before beginning my journey, and it made my travel all the more enjoyable. I began looking forward to all the places I would see in Scotland, and decided to carry the headphones in my bag pack wherever I went.

After a couple of hours, I put a track of smooth instrumental jazz music and dozed off to a carefree and gentle sleep while other people kept of talking on their phones. But it didn’t matter because I heard nothing but pleasant music through my headphones, and all the noise in the world seemed to have been blocked from my ears. The music kept on playing while I had a nice and comfortable nap on my trip.

So the best part was I got to see my family in Edinburgh Scotland. Having never been there is was a fantastic city and was amazed by its history. I wont bore you with all the places we went but if you do go just be sure to see the Edinburgh Castle, it was worth the trip alone.

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