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My obese friend…

A few years ago I had a friend; he was some sort of business owner. In that specific area he was brilliant, he knew how to make money in a very efficient manner (maybe too efficient since I heard he was imprisoned for 1 year…) but his personal life was a disaster.

I suppose you can’t have it all. He was obese; he was traveling only by car, sitting all day in his fancy office. He was a big fan of sweets. I saw him once ordering a huge plate of cookies and ate them like he was living the last day of his life. It was unbelievable.

After a while he was weighting like 150 KG or something like that, at that point the doctors said him that he should lose weight if he want to live. So, instead of lowering his calories intake and do some exercises he decided to undergo a liposuction.

After this procedure he said he is satisfied but soon after the liposuction side effects begun to show. The skin in the area was sore and tender, he had moderate pains and he was all blue on his abdomen. But hey, he lost like 50 KG, can you imagine 50kg of fat being sucked out from a human being? Oh my, thinking about this makes my appetite disappear.

However, after a few months he started to gain weight back. It was so sad to watch it.

In my opinion, liposuction it is not a weight loss technique, losing weight has to be done by lowering the quantity of food and doing exercises.

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