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My New Favorite Place to Shop!

My New Favorite Place to Shop!

When you cannot magically increase your income, the next best thing is lowering expenses. When you lower bills, you will have more money leftover at the end of every week to save or put towards necessary purchases. Here are 5 great tips to help you and your family spend a little less this summer.

Watch the Ads

If you don’t get the Sunday paper, you may want to start. Watch the ads every week for the best prices. This is especially important when you are buying school supplies for the kids or summer clothes. Make a list of stores with the best sales on all your necessary supplies, and visit them when you are out running other errands.


Clip Coupons

Ads really become interesting when you also have coupons in your hand. You’ve heard the stories about people getting full grocery carts of food for only a few dollars. While this takes more time and dedication than you may want to invest, you can still snag some great savings. Keep a coupon organizer in your purse or car. When you see your favorite toothpaste on sale at the grocery store, go purchase it along with a coupon. You can easily knock 60, 70 or even 80 percent off the price to save money.

Stick to Your List

The downfall of sales and coupons is that you can easily overspend. It’s such a good deal, so how can you resist? Well, one way is with a handy list. Make a list of what you need. Watch for the best prices and sales to save money, but resist the urge to buy extra items just because they are on sale. Stick to your shopping list and start saving.

Shop Online

Are you looking for the best deal on a large purchase? Check out Foreign Exchange Clothing.

Foreign Exchange clothing is a trendy clothing company that caters to a wide demographic. They specialize not only in the here and now, but also past and future fashion trends. Foreign Exchange clothing offers quality products at an affordable price in a way that is accessible to all. Their wide selection in styles and products makes them a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Visit the Thrift Stores

Even trendy jeans can end up in a thrift store at some point. People donate all kinds of amazing, name-brand clothing to local thrift stores, and you can pick them up for a fraction of the price. This is particularly important for growing children who will grow out of their brand new jeans in six months or less. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to dress fashionably.

You can save money this summer by becoming a smarter shopper. Use a list to avoid those impulse purchases, and try to wait patiently for sales. Stack a coupon in with a sale price to save even more, and hit the thrift stores to save a small fortune on clothing for the little ones.

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