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My Dog Is So Awesome

I have a 2 year old Pug named Athena, I got her from a Pug breeder when she was just a small tiny puppy. I have basically owned her for her whole life. I love taking my dog to the pet store. When I am there I usually try on collars, different doggy toys, and sometimes let her lay down on the big dog beds. I go through the food isle and she just starts to go crazy. She absolutely loves food, sometimes I think more than me. I grab a bag of her favorite food, then I proceed to take her to the toys, so she can choose a couple of toys. ON the way home she loves to sit in the passenger seat, and watch all the cars and different people passing by. She is a absolute love, she loves to be around people, and to be petted. When we are at home we enjoy playing in our back yard, we enjoy long lasting games of fetch, although sometimes I am the one fetching, because she refuses to give it back. When it is time to wind down for the evening she usually sits with me, and watches T.V. When I tell her its time for bed, she runs off and gets in her doggy bed to go to sleep for the night. So to summarize my experience with her is just awesome.

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