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Moving beyond SEO

There is a conscious shift in the online world to move away from using SEO as a catchall for marketing techniques that drive traffic to your site. Every single day more and more people are using other tactics and platforms to get new eyeballs to their sites, and search engine optimization is playing a smaller and smaller part in that push. The biggest push in the internet marketing world has come from social media platforms, and while SEO is still responsible for a decent amount of traffic and new visitors, there are better and more targeted sources out there. This is why many professionals in the space are now calling their lead generation and visitor acquisition tactics “inbound marketing”.

Much more than just SEO, inbound marketing is an all-encompassing term for a rapidly shifting and evolving internet marketing world. Rather than lock yourself into a limiting range of services, it’s important to position yourself as an inbound or content marketing professional, especially as it becomes less and less important to focus solely on the SEO aspects. There are just so many more things you can offer under this new umbrella that will effective for driving traffic, and it’s a bonus not only to your bottom line but also to your clients peace of mind that you’re well versed in all traffic generation sources.

The important driver in this shift to moving from a limited term like SEO professional to an inbound internet marketing specialist is not just a lesson in semantics – this is how you future proof your business. When the web was new people billed themselves as HTML professionals instead of web designers, and watched as their business folded like a house of cards because they limited their customer base when people moved to CMS systems like WordPress. And even though many of them were more than capable (and probably partly responsible) for the big shift, they lost out because the terminology associated with their business blocked them from being flexible. SEO was absolutely a dominant force in getting people to your website, but there are so many different and diverse properties thanks to the social web that things like content marketing, community building, and viral campaigning the game has changed for good.

Don’t lock yourself in a box by putting on too descriptive of a hat – rather than call yourself an SEO professional, make sure people understand you’re an inbound marketing specialist. This allows you flexibility to not only stay relevant in our rapidly shifting times, but also lets you better serve your clients with a varied and tailor made approach to generating page views and customers. Content marketing is king in the internet marketing world, and rather than focus on a dying (but still important) technology like SEO, now is the time to shift gears and position yourself properly. It’s not too late to make the change, and you’ll be boosting your current and future prospects immensely and protecting your income for years to come.

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Jose Gil Tecson is a SEO consultant managing Gtec Web Marketing, GWM offers Singapore SEO Services, Web Design and Development.

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