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Mountain entertainment

North America is a continent filled with exciting vacation destinations for travelers to explore. Whether looking for a beachfront experience of sun, sand and surf or a mountaintop experience of alpine splendor and snow-capped peaks, North America boasts a wide variety of top-notch holiday locales for vacationers to experience.

When it comes to North American mountain vacations there are a few locations that really stand out from the crowd; both for their stunning natural beauty and for the diversity of recreational entertainment found in the area.

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The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee definitely fit into this elite category. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an all-natural alpine playground that plays host to millions of visitors each and every year. And the surrounding cities of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville only add recreational value to a Smoky Mountain vacation experience.

Ever since the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was first designated a national treasure in the late 1920’s, this region, that stretches from East Tennessee into North Carolina, has grown in popularity for mountain vacation enthusiasts from around North America. The park boats a unique combination of sensational vistas, a multitude of walking and hiking trails, scenic drives, boat rentals¬†and historic landmarks. All of these aspects play a role in the overwhelming attraction of the Park.

Perhaps the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is best known for the autumnal flare it shows off between September and late November. It is during this time that rich, fiery colors of gold, orange, red, yellow, and brown light up the Tennessee hillside in strikingly vivid hues. Spring, summer and winter have plenty to offer visitors to the park as well; including the full bloom of summer, the snow-capped peaks of winter, or the fresh emerald flare that bursts forth every year in March.

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