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Mobile wireless communication

Mobile wireless communication essentially refers to the type of communication where there is transfer of information through wireless means and there is no conductor present in the medium. Usually, this type of communication occurs via radio waves, microwave, infra red, ultrasonic and electromagnetic induction. Wireless communication is mostly used for long distance communication where laying wires for acting as the medium for communication is considered impractical.

Short range transfers are generally used in remote controls and long range communications usually encompass talking over mobile phones across the earth. So, mobile wireless communications generally use satellite as repeaters to strengthen the signals transmitted and received so that the information received is not distorted or lost during transit. With its ubiquitous nature and ability to provide reliable services, mobile wireless communications are replacing wired communication networks worldwide.

Initially started to act as a backup for wired systems, wireless communication has grown to encompass every aspect of modern life ranging from entertainment, education, medicine, industries, bio-medical, safety and security, etc. With the demand for this type of technology on the rise, there is stiff communication to provide the best services at the lowest prices. New developments and advancements in this field has led to the rise in the number of subscribers and in the use of digital technology.

From voice and data sending, the mobile wireless communication systems are striving for higher data rates so as to accommodate the use of internet and other applications. The optimum utilization of available bandwidth and proper use of available resources so as to reap the maximum benefits is another field that is being researched. Architectural innovation in this field is also making progress so that the subscribers the best services without having to face any problems like call dropping, distortion, interruption or lower data rates.

With the boom in this field taking place in the later part of the twentieth century, it has grown from being an analog based communication to a digital one. With scalability on the rise and concepts like frequency reuse taking on new meaning, the wireless communication systems is here to stay and grow.

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