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MKV to AVI converter

The file extension MKV is utilized for encoding the digital video. As all MKV files may be streamed via some media players and uploaded to the mobile devices, videos are not normally edited in their native format. Because of this specific nature, MKV files are normally converted into other types of digital videos before they are edited.

A MKV to AVI Converter is needed to convert an MKV video into AVI.

The media in this case is not supported by the popular video editing tools such as Roxio Creator, QuickTime Pro, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker and Final Cut. However, the exception is Avidemux which is a free video editing and playback application.

The Avidemux in addition to editing the MKV files is also able to save them in the original format. MKV files may also be uploaded to the Pocket PC, Palm and Symbian mobile devices.

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