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Men’s Jewelry Choices Expanding with Fashion

Men’s Jewelry Choices Expanding with Fashion

Men’s jewelry fashion has been a tricky thing in the past, but with the generational fashion choices of millennials, and the fast pace of marriage equality around the country, more and more men are getting into jewelry. It can be found in more than just watches and rings. Now men are wearing earrings, bracelets, and lapel pins, and they are wanting them as fashion and personal statements.

For men, one of the best directions to go is steel and performance metals. For a lot of guys, diamonds may not have much appeal, but a diamond set in Damascus steel might just get him excited. Bracelets in steel, leather, and carbon fiber are extremely popular, and often at very affordable price points. One of the most exciting materials for men today is meteorite, both as an inlay and set in precious metal. For science fiction or space buffs, meteorite can be a very cool option. Another that is a little more difficult to find, but no less impressive when properly polished is dinosaur bone. Nothing like a T-Rex bone pendant for an edgy, fashionable guy.

Earrings, sometimes in pairs, sometimes in singles, are popular among fashionable men, and oftentimes they are looking for high end choices like diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. The various color choices of sapphire are often a surprise, and men are often as particular about what they like as women are. Custom choices, as well as simple, but classic style is what its all about.

Something returning to popularity in men’s fashion are lapel pins, and not just American flags or masonic symbols. Diamonds, custom designs, and exotic stones set in precious metals or performance metals are often great choices. If you watch the Oscars, or any formal, Hollywood event, you see lots of lapel pins, not just on jackets, but on bare vests and waistcoats. Pins that once held ties in place, now adorn hats for a less formal generation. Cool designs that incorporate feathers, boulder opals, and animal designs can really get guys excited, especially among the fashion trendy.

Marriage equality has also opened up a whole new area of wedding bands for men, sold as matching pairs or as individualized pieces. This expanding part of the jewelry industry is deserving of a blog post all its own.

And there are always watches. Men still love watches, and with the return of vests and waistcoats into fashion, as well as a certain “throwback” attitude among millennials has even brought pocket watches and the fobs that go with them back. There are all kinds of opportunities for smart jewelers here, including the engraving that goes with it if your business provides that service.

Looking at a site like can give you ideas on men’s fashion, especially in the custom area. The choices there are almost infinite.

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