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Marketing Calendar for Achieving Marketing Goals Efficiently Without Any Chaos

Marketing Calendar for Achieving Marketing Goals Efficiently Without Any Chaos

Marketing is valuable and marketing calendar is a chart that covers your yearly promotional activities. It needs time and effort to create one but pays off later.


Marketing calendar helps to launch your marketing vehicles like.

  • Ad campaigns
  • Events
  • Public & Media relations
  • Email marketing
  • Social media campaign
  • Signage efforts
  • Blogging dates and more

Why is marketing calendar an essential tool?

Well-planned 2017 marketing calendar will help you achieve marketing goals efficiently.

  • You can launch your well-structured marketing vehicles that drive towards your goal without any lapse.
  • It serves as a blueprint and recognizes what marketing vehicle to use and which channels to employ for spreading the message.
  • It helps to monitor your marketing efforts and ensures to grab all the opportunities without fail.
  • It provides a peace of mind that staffing, planning, and budgeting are cared for.

How to create marketing calendar?

Marketing calendar is designed to incorporate your marketing activities in detail.

  • Begin with a blank twelve month calendar
  • Chart selling cycle & seasonality of products/services offered
  • Determine a budget
  • Identify your target audience
  • Mark vacation times, holidays, & day offs
  • Think about weekly, monthly or holiday themes

This is the foundation, which helps to create messaging targeting your audience. Make sure that your promotional activities are put forward on the right time, when potential consumers are seeking for your products or services. You will also need to take certain care, so that you don’t lose prospects but generate significant revenue.

For example, in the holiday seasons you can supercharge email marketing strategy. However, for best results you need to apply email best practice.

  • Follow anti-spam laws – Take time to read the emails and ensure that the messaging is compliant with worldwide anti-spam law and not according to your country only.
  • Set a goal – Write the goals of your holiday email efforts. A breakdown of specific targets can help you to stay focused on exactly what you desire to achieve.
  • Be creative – Brainstorm to come up with an idea to stand out amongst other emails in client’s inbox. Think of offering special holiday discount or use a specific email design.
  • Stay consistent – Be creative but never wander outside your well-known brand image. Make your holiday email content available on social media channels and your website. Audiences can see your content, so it does not matter if they did not open your email.
  • Go mobile – Never ignore the potency of mobile sales. Have email campaign mobile optimized or it can land unopened in the trash or spam.
  • Do follow up – Never forget to mark the second phase of your email effort on the marketing calendar. Follow-up emails are to remind them about holiday offers. Rest assured a valuable offer will not annoy subscribers.

Thus you can see how helpful a calendar will be, if it is specific with defined individual promotions. You can even incorporate the advertising cost for every marketing vehicle. This helps you to see which strategies and events were on target and productive just at a glance. It can become helpful, while you plan the next 2018 marketing calendar.

Learn from the outcomes

With a tremendous insight you can refine your promotional strategies each year to increase your customer database.

Following marketing calendar should never be a burden but serve as a useful tool. You can coordinate with all your marketing strategies. If done correctly helps you avoid lapses, which can create a little downtime effect for your business.

Marketing calendar, a straightforward business tool is capable to turn chaotic promotion activities into comprehensive marketing strategy. This results in providing your business more visibility and professionalism.

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